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I spread my dreams under your feet

Hello Again

The fabulous redhead


Hello Again

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These quotes have been on my mind for all of the past month and recently I have been inspired to post on here again...so here we go

The Fantasticks
written by Tom Jones & Harvey Schmidt

El Gallo: (describing the scene where two lovers will meet in secret) You wonder how these things begin. Well, this begins with a glen. It begins with a season which, for want of a better word we may as well call- September. It begins in a forest where the woodchucks woo, and the leaves wax green, and vines intertwine like lovers; try to see it. not with your eyes, for they are wise, but see it with your ears: the cool green breathing of the leaves. And hear it with the inside of your hand: the soundless sound of shadows flicking light. Celebrate sensation. Recall that secret place. You've been there, you remember: That special place where once- Just once- in your crowded sunlit lifetime, you hid away in shadow from the tyranny of time. That spot beside the clover where someone's hand held your hand and love was sweeter than the berries, or the honey, or the stinging taste of mint. It is September- before a rainfall- a perfect time to be in love.

El Gallo: There is a curious paradox that no one can explain: who understands the secrets of the reaping of the grain? Who understands why spring is born out of winter's laboring pain, or why we all must die a bit before we grow again?

  • They have been on my mind all month. You in fact believe commented on how much you liked the quote when you saw it as my status.

    I love the show and the month of September always makes me think of it
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