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I spread my dreams under your feet

ummm soo yes......

The fabulous redhead


ummm soo yes......

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dance, dance, dance death, more dance

Last night went to Skinnys for west coasty-ness of awesome. Skinnys, is a lovely bar in the valley that has a dance floor and no cover. Every tuesday mostly west coast and some lindy dancers gather there and strut their stuff to a mix of hip-hop and r&b.
It is le fun, I alternated between feeling like a wonderful follow and a passable follow. You see this is the problem when you go dancing and ask world champions to dance.

Tonight I have Highland dance class and then a class in international standard waltz.

Thursday is for le lindygroove

friday I shall be waking up far too early in the morning and driving up to my parent's house, where I will hopefully have enough time to shower before heading over to Palo Alto to Co-dj FNW. Be prepared everyone, there are many awesome and new songs that shall be played.

Saturday - BBQ with my friend Dawn and her new boy Scott and then leaving early, or perhaps getting dressed there might be better.....to be decided....and going to Gaskells!! w00t.
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